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  •  Without you worrying about writing and designing sales pages
  • Without you getting “stuck” because you have to install “this and that”
  •  Without you thinking about boring product and funnel details

I want you to make a profit online without the conventional headaches.

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Get EXCLUSIVE 100% COMMISSIONS RESELL RIGHTS To Our Very Own “Proven” $121 Per Sale Funnel
To be specific - I’m talking about this exact “PLR Bundle Deals” funnel you just saw.
You’re getting RESELL RIGHTS to our entire funnel
composed of 275 items with Private Label Rights:
  •  50 reports
  •  10 videos
  •  10 eCovers
  •  50 Articles
  •  25 Social Posters
  • 100 Royalty Free Images
  • 10 Infographics
  • 15 Product Reviews
YES! This means you can now sell all of these items with PLR…
You Now Enjoy THE SAME Earning Potential I Have as the Main Producer of This Products and Business…
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You don’t have to install anything.
You don’t have to answer to customer service.
You don’t have to worry about the business operation.
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You’ll NOW not only profit from the health niche… (because of the PLR license you just bought )

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A 10% conversion rate means 10 people buy out of every 100.
And if you make $121 per full funnel sale…
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Just send people to your own tracking link (that we give you)...
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PLR Bundle: Health Products Reseller

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This offer might be taken down after the launch…

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And making this available to you takes you closer there.

P.S. Like I mentioned above, you’re getting the rights re-sell PLR license to 275 items. This is way bigger than just getting PLR license for your own use. This means you can now make profit from people wanting to make money in the health niche. This is a deal you don’t wanna miss. So click the order button now before your competitor beats you to the chase.
Module # 1
10 High Quality Written Reports
You get 10 research-based high quality reports written by professionals (so you know you’re getting & giving out the real thing). Use these to sell as your own, or as promotional materials for your business. So that your clients feel satisfied and secured, and happily give you money in return.

Every report has a dynamic range of facts (backed up by research, science or experience) so you know the contents work well. Each report is easy-to understand and designed to be fast-reads so you and your customers don’t have to stress about information overload.

Again, aside from personal use, you ALSO get PLR License, so you can resell the whole package as well for instant profit, edit them, rebrand them, do whatever you wish!

File Format(s) Included:
Module # 2
10 Engaging Videos
You get 10 engaging videos to attract higher paying customers (because videos sell more)... so you increase your profit, and you become an instant client-magnet because of the quality these videos have.

You fully take over each video and edit it however you want. You can also add your name, brand, URL or whatever element you want. The source file is 100% editable so you can incorporate your brand/products right away without the starting from scratch, that’s a lot less effort.

You get personal use + PLR License as well. Edit them, rebrand them, profit!
File Format(s) Included:
Module # 3
10 Attention Grabbing eCovers
Feel like a million-dollar brand with the 10 professionally made, high quality attention grabbing eCovers you get. You can fully customize each cover to your own taste and use it right away so you can start reaping profits so that you start to feel success approaching you. Make your customers wow with the beauty of these ecovers, and watch them line up in awe as they purchase your “pretty, trust-inducing” products.

You get personal use + PLR License.
File Format(s) Included:
Module # 4
10 Brand Boosting & Traffic Generating Infographics
You get 10 Brand Boosting & Traffic Generating Infographics to help you convey complete and detailed information to your audience… so that they fully understand what you’re selling them.

This way, you attract people to your business in an ethical and value giving way. They’ll love you for sharing good information packed in a beautiful, eye-catching format. Watch traffic flow, and increase your chances of getting extra earnings for a fancy family dinner or vacation.

You'll even get the source files so you can rebrand it however you'd like. And you get personal use + PLR License as well.
File Format(s) Included:
Module # 5
30 Viral Social Posters
Get rid of social media traffic and branding problems with these 25 Viral Social Posters you get. They posses timeless and proven designs which easily communicate to your readers/audiences - thus having the likelihood of being shared in different social media channels.

What better way to “invite a click to your website” than a thoughtful and emotion triggering social poster, right? You choose which poster has a general vibe on your subject and you’re good to go. You can edit and brand them if you wish. It’s like choosing which flavor of ice cream to eat, easy, painless, and fulfilling.
You get personal use + PLR License.
File Format(s) Included:
Module # 6
100 Royalty Free Images
Unsure where to get images for your blogs, ebooks, social media posts etc without having an issue with piracy? We’ve got you covered. You get 100 Royalty Free Images at your disposal.

These images are in High Resolution and fully customizable source file to cater to your every need so that you don’t have to worry about stealing images from google again. Personalize it all you want or do whatever you want ...everything is under your control. This module alone could save you hundreds of dollars.
You get personal use + PLR License.
File Format(s) Included:
Module # 7
50 Compelling Articles
These 50 Compelling Articles are specifically made to attract audiences and to drive traffic to your website, blog, or social media page. You can easily edit and put links connected to your website to make it easier for you to invite your audience. By using these articles, you become easily “visible” in the marketplace by sheer of regular content publication. This means your traffic and branding problems is now easily solved.

Again, you get personal use + PLR License, so you can resell the whole package for immediate profit… or edit or rebrand them according to your needs and liking.
File Format(s) Included:
Module # 8
5 “Client Attraction” Optin Page Templates
Get ready to say goodbye to list building problems. You get 10 Ready to Use Optin Page Templates. Choose from 10 amazing layouts and customize at will then you’re good to go. Just patch this in to your auto-responder account so you don’t have to manually reply to each one of your subscribers, and get more time for yourself and the ones you love.

Now, you don’t have to worry because all you have to do is copy, paste (edit if you wish) these templates and watch sales come in. You get personal use + PLR License, too.
File Format(s) Included:
All These For The Price Of One.
Today, you also get these...
Massive Value, As Always…

Starting an ethical business has never been easier.

And all you need is a single sale to get a return on your investment.
Here’s The Danger
If You Wait Longer To Decide
If you wait a little longer…

This offer might be priced higher tomorrow.

And your drive to earn might disappear.

The bonuses might be taken away as well.

So, take advantage of this limited special offer while it’s still on.
To Help Put Your Mind At Ease,
Let Me Make You This Money-Back Deal
I want you to be a happy customer.  

And we’ve done our best to make our package worthy of your trust. 

 I’m confident that our product is top notch that I’m going to give you a 30-day period to test it out.

If you think it doesn’t live up to your expectations, just send me an email within the refund period and we’ll give your tiny investment back.

Now, you can sleep well knowing you have the upper hand in this deal. So go ahead and check this package out today, click the order button on this page. 
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Adding value to your life is what we’re all about.

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Your success is our success.

We’ve done our part to give you everything you need to make a killing online.

It’s your turn to decide.
Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness,


P.S. As I’ve mentioned above in details, you get a done-for-you business easily worth $XXXXX in production value… for a measly low price of $27. It’s really a STEAL. Considering this gives you a 90% shortcut (to what could be) a good hundred dollar a day (or more) profit machine. Remember… you're enjoying a LOW launch price right now. Price is increasing after launch. Simply click the order button above to get started.

P.P.S. Gathering and compiling a package at this high of a calibre took months. But you don’t have to suffer or wait that long. No more writing from scratch. No more product creation from point “zero”. No more ecover, traffic, list building, nor video editing problems. You get EIGHT done-for-you modules (all with PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS) for the price of one. Take action now before your competitor does.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you have 30-days to test this out. If you’re not happy, you’re covered by our money-back deal. You’ve got everything to gain, and nothing to lose. So click on that order button right now and get started.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use this package for my own projects?
Can I resell this package?
Yes, with personal usage rights. Sold as a whole, re-purposed, or mixed and matched in different bundles.
Can I sell “resell rights” to this package?
No. You can only resell this with personal use license to others.
What Is PLR (a.k.a Private Label Rights)?
Private label rights is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work - with “license parameters” set, differing from vendor to vendor. With PLR, you can legally edit, reformat, refurbish and sell (depending on the license parameters) the products as your own.
Can I sell “resell rights” to this package?
No. You can only resell this with personal use license to others.
What Is PLR (a.k.a Private Label Rights)?
Private label rights is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work - with “license parameters” set, differing from vendor to vendor. With PLR, you can legally edit, reformat, refurbish and sell (depending on the license parameters) the products as your own.
Do I get a license agreement?
Yes. You get a document that outlines “the parameters” of what you can and cannot do with the contents of this package.
Where can I use these videos / images / articles / infographics etc?
You’re the boss - anywhere you want as long as within bounds of legality.
Are the all the videos / photos used free from copyright issues?
Everything you get are royalty free and safe to use even for commercial purposes.
How much would a custom-made package like this cost me?
We could create one for you for at least two thousand dollars + extras depending on the complexity and nature of your topic. I’ve explained the details of all the work involved (above).
What Private Label Rights are included?
Below you will see a full list of PLR rights for IM Checklist
  • [YES] Can be edited in any way you want
  • [YES] Can be translated to other languages
  • [YES] Parts can be given away as bonuses to clients (with personal use rights)
  • [YES] Post videos to YouTube, video sites and your own sites
  • [YES] Can be packaged with other products
  • [YES] Can put your name as the author
  • [YES] Can be used on sites using article marketing
  • [YES] Can be added to membership sites
  • [YES] Can be published on your websites and blogs
  • [YES] Can be branded and sold ONLY with personal rights BUT not as an entire package.
  • [YES] Can be used as eCourse and webinar material
  • [NO] Cannot sell or pass any of the Source Files to others
  • [NO] Cannot resell the pack as a whole
  • [NO] Cannot claim copyright to any of the videos or eBooks (unless ebook is completely rewritten) this is common sense with PLR as multiple users cannot claim copyright
  • [NO] Cannot use my name as author
  • [NO] Cannot offer through auction websites with PLR rights, Master Resale Rights Or Resale Rights
  • [NO] Cannot be offered on any sites that's sole purpose is to sell or giveaway PLR/MRR products
  • [NO] Cannot sell or give away Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights
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